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VOI Hotels Pitch
UX/UI Design
Pitch design for VOI Hotels website
Work done with the design team at Qwèntes Italia

Design proposal for VOI Hotels website

During my time at Qwèntes Italia I got the opportunity to propose a concept idea and redesign for the VOI Hotel website together with the design team.
VOI Hotels claims to have Hotels in the most beautiful paradises in the world. How can we redesign their website to match this statement?

What is a paradise?
A place of exceptional happiness and delight, A place of contentment, Everlasting bliss, A “higher place” The website is what you browse while in your hectic daily life.

/ UX Concept

VOI Hotels should be the opposite of daily life.

Messy → Ordered, organized, clean

Hectic → Calm, quiet, peaceful

Tiring → Energetic, fresh, active

How can we transform this visually?

Clean → Whitespace

Calm → Grid based, easily read/ understood

Energetic → Animations, contrast, big images

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