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Identity Design

Personal branding project. I wanted a Scandinavian feel to my identity with a mix of Swiss Graphic Design.

I wanted to move away from using my full name as the logo and create a brand for myself that can work in the future as a studio. Therefore I had to come up with a name that would work for my identity. Living abroad for more than 6 years has taught me that my Norwegian first name, Helene, has been difficult for my international friends and colleagues. I find it important that my name is remembered when meeting with potential clients.

After moving to Milan to do my Masters in Visual Design and Web Design, I was challenged to do the branding of myself, and this is also when I got my nickname: Hele. Hele was short, easy to pronounce and the foreigners were spelling it correctly. Hele also means “The Whole” in Norwegian, a great starting point for my visual identity.

/ Concept

Hele means “the whole” in Norwegian. The rule is to fill the whole space with text, color, and images, and if there is more space left over, it’s filled with hand-drawn shapes. The shapes can also contain images.

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