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Oslo City Guide
Identity Design

The Pursuit of the sun

oslo city guide cover

/ Brief

Create a city guide with 4 attractions using storytelling.

/ Concept
The temperature in Oslo can reach -20C, and are often associated with stressfull mornings trying to shovel the snow off the car before work. What is the result? The Norwegians crave the sun.

The Sun by Edvard Munch

When choosing the attractions for the city guide, the new Munch Museum was a clear choice. I didn’t want The Scream by Edvard Munch to be part of the guide since it felt like an apparent attraction point in Oslo. Therefore, selecting a less famous painting, The Sun, felt like a more suitable destination. It also completed my concept.

The guide takes you through the city of Oslo while chasing the sun, like a true Norwegian. It starts at the Monolith in the Vigelands Park, then takes you to the rooftop bar in the tallest sky scraper in Oslo, then the Holmenkollen Ski jump, chasing higher and higher attractions, closer to the physical sun. At the end realising that the sun is a painting hidden in the Munch Museum.

On the inside of the cover, the sun is hidden, and the user realises that the sun was there all along.

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