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Oakley Redesign
Web Design
Induvidual Project
Flow design

Redesign proposal of the Oakley website for mobile view.

During the E-commerce class at SPD Milano, I designed a proposal to improve the structure and make the user stay on the Oakley website. After researching the site and running user tests on the current website, the goal was to design a flow towards a user that occasionally runs and would like a pair of sunglasses that fit their sport.

To improve the structure I added a general category page and a generic description of the product. During the user testing, it was clear that the user wanted more information about the product and why the glasses were good for that exact sport.

Mockup of homepage redesign of the Oakley website.

I added the running section higher up on the homepage with a more clear running photo and changed the color of the button to create contrast and make it more visible.

iPhone mockup of Oakley redesign website for mobile view.

On the Product List Page (PLP) I added a cover photo that shows a more relaxed running environment, including the lifestyle customers. To stress the bonuses of the product I added bold text on top of the image, explaining that the sunglasses are designed to stay on while running and not bounce around. I added a section under the image to be explicit about the glasses being lightweight and comfortable for sports.

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